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Really cool game! It has a very nice build up of tension and isn't full of jumpscares like most other indie horror titles. Really enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing it. We were more interested in atmosphere and ambience over jumpscares for this one.

Loved this game! Very 80's scifi with great atmosphere!

Thanks :)

I included this game in my top 3 Best atmospheric games 

Nice! I played Hamilton the other day and got super inspired to make more game assets for another lofi horror game.

looking forward to see it man 

This game's really cool. A nice creepy little experience. Great job!


Thanks! More creepy stuff to come.

THE LAST COSMONAUT HAS MADE IT INTO THE 4TH GAMES OF TERROR! this was a brillant game and didn't realise i was being followed till the end well done! 

Nice game, the atmosphere is really great. Could use a few direct scares tho., no doubt about it. The atmosphere is on point and makes me really feel the isolation (alient isolation?). This really makes me want to play more and learn more about what is happening, wish it was a longer game to be honest. 

*I sense zarya 1*

Really enjoyed the atmosphere of this game and the whole art style. Definitely going to keep up with this project seeing as it is a beta at this point!

Glad you enjoyed the game. We're currently working on a platformer at the moment, so be sure to watch this space.

Yup..I hate space..but this game is awesome and the visuals are great!

Thanks man :)

This amazingly captured the feel of old space horror environments and movies! Really felt creeped out walking through the halls. I especially liked how quiet the creature was, really made me feel how horrifying a creature would be in space and how terrifying the silence of space can be! 

Love the style! Would've loved the enemy to be scarier.  Cheers, 

I really enjoyed and appreciated the atmosphere, where your in space and have to escape whatever lies in space. Creepy and scary game! I highly suggest checking it Out!

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I really enjoy the game, it had a interesting visual style, and the atmosphere is really good, I also liked the VHS visual, but it would be good, if I had enough time to read the text for the start and the ending. Here's my gameplay! :)

This game was fantastic! The atmosphere was creepy, the aesthetic kept me on my toes cause i didn't know what i was looking at half the time! Keep up the good work my friend! 

Fantastic atmosphere! I like the art style, and the "found footage" theme was appropriate for the story.

It would've been nice to have more time to read the text in the beginning and at the end of the game.

I really liked this game. I thought it did some things very well. For example, the atmosphere building was great and the game had an interesting visual style. I did run into the issue of going through some walls on two separate occasions though.


Hey! I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 17:03! Hope ya enjoy!

It a great short little horror game. I felt like the windows were a bit too small to get a feeling of being in space. It would nice to be able to read the intro and outro text without it automatically closing before I get a chance to finish. If you add a simple press "e" to continue would solve that problem easily. Overall, I really liked the art style and concept.

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What I liked about this horror game is that it's more of a 1989 feeling. In the beginning, there was no monster to avoid but the ending was scary. What I didn't like is that the game didn't have sounds. I know that we're in space but I still would prefer adding like talking, ambient music, etc. I enjoyed your game! I hope you guys check this video out, because it's probably one of my favorites so far!

I loved this game! I just want to make you know that I went out of bounds in many places, this wall has no collisions, also some walls in the cave.

Thanks for the screenshot. We've received some feedback on that area, and will be fixing the colliders on our next build

You're welcome, also the wall at the end of a small corridor where you find one of the chips has no collisions, I think it's right behind the chip.

I thought that the creepy pixelated aesthetic of this game was fantastic and really sets it apart from other scifi/space horror games. Plus the ambience and sudden industrial noises of an empty base were quite spooky not gonna lie.

I absolutely love the style of this game! Great atmosphere, lots of creepy noises, and interesting storyline. Great game! 

i really adore graphics! it adds tot the atmosphere, the style is great, really enjoyed this one! look forward towards your future projects (give my elaborate opinion at the end of the video)

The visual style and audio create a really eerie atmosphere, it's like at every step you expect to be jumped by something. Really nice work.

That was such a great experience! I love the art style and sound design! The "quite jumpscare" with a shadow near the end gave me creeps! Thank you for the game! Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) cheers!

I love space horror games! Near the end it was like Toward The Light (a very old horror game) but on the moon! I hope enjoy watching my video :)

It's interesting you mentioned Toward the light, cause we've also been working on a first person game set in a world where the sun has vanished. So that'll be coming out roughly next year. This is what it looks like.

Sounds very exciting, I've always loved concepts like that from watching Vsauce, like how we would live without a sun or what we might discover out in space :P

I love this game! The art style and the spooky vibes the setting gives makes me get the chills. Great work! I played this in my video and let me tell you, it was a great experience! Plus, there's not a whole lot of space-like horror out there, so it's good to see another great game like it!

Loved the style of this one, can we have more plz? :)

We have MANY art assets and games on the line. The next game is a rage platformer that I've been working on since last year, which will be out in September. The next is a metroidvania third person game inspired by Zelda and Pokemon and will have a pixelated art style like this. Lastly, I've also been working on a PS1 Puppet combo inspired game set in a world where the sun has vanished. Most of the art assets are already built so we're just compiling them as we speak. :) If you're interested , feel free to follow us here at Itch. io or at Twitter @humanrobotgames. 

Amazing game. I really enjoyed everything about it. The gameplay was smooth and the graphics were cool. I did a playthrough that I will link down below if you are interested.

I have to say great game and it was a pleasure to play such a stylish game. I want to see more from you. Keep at it. I hope my video gets seen by many to boost you up in the gaming community and gaming industry. 


Like the visuals, would love for more tension, longer duration and perhaps more 'Survival' oriented gameplay if for any future games with a similar style


Fantastic game, congratulations, I want everyone to help me and subscribe to my channel:

I really liked the look and feel of The Last Cosmonaut. My favorite thing about it were the sounds heard as you gather things.

so cool...hope full story

Game good :))

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Eyy thanks for trying out our game. If you haven't followed yet, be sure to follow our channel. We're definitely gonna be releasing more games here. Next on our lineup is a rage platformer inspired by "Getting over it" and "Jump King"

I am very happy to listen to it, then try to make a game with levels that are quite difficult and happy. I look forward to it ... thank you for making this game :)

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

We might be adding a few slight adjustments in the future , but for now, we're settled with what we have. We're now working on our next game , which will be a rage platformer inspired by "Getting over it" and "jump king" , which will definitely be longer.

Love the style and attention to detail in the environments and interactions. Well done 👍


Thanks :)

With sounds this game would be awesome :)

There were supposed to be sounds but I think it might've not worked. Or maybe the volume may have been set a little too low to register. Will look into it. Thanks for the feedback.

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