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Unskippable intro, hold to sprint makes little sense as a mechanic if sprinting is allow indefinitely, make the sprint speed default

Very nice atmosphere! I like the way he slowly walks too.

Maybe its too hard on the eyes for me with all that dithering and noise effects but still ;P

Hey, bro I really liked the atmosphere and style of your game. Also, the animations are so smooth too. Also, I made a video on it. Great job.

Thank you very much for checking out our game!

You`re welcome.

I played this on my channel and had a great time.  Cool premise, and *ahem* THAT MOMENT (no spoilers) scared the hell out of me.  My only qualm was that I got lost a lot, but that was likely my fault.  Good job.  Really enjoyed it.


Ey thank you for checking it out ! If you liked that jumpscare, there's way more of it in our multiplayer sequel "cosmonaught".

i loved this game it was a funny beautiful little game

Ey thank you for checking it out ! I didn't expect there to be players to this day. Do check out our multiplayer sequel "cosmonaught" if you have the time!

love the game 

Thanks for checking out our game! I enjoyed your playthrough of it. 


Thanks for playing our game!


Thanks! :)



Thanks for playing our game man, and for covering it!

I loved how when the thing appeared there was no sound so all you had to know it was there was it's shadow

very cool

The visuals are so good!


Very nice atmosphere and graphics, but I found the game a bit boring for the most part, until I got out of the spaceship.

Thanks for playing our game! We'll try to spice things up in the future, if we do decide to remaster this game or add a sequel to it. Fingers crossed.


Thank you for very kind words.

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I like it

Cool Game, i like the style so much

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Thanks for playing our game. Really appreciate it!

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This game was really good, I don't tend to post my videos or really comment on here, but I loved the whole aesthetic and everything about this game. Si, if you guys care to watch, here you go.

Great work on the game, can't wait to see more like this <3

Thank you very much for your kind words. We're already working on our next few games, and currently wrapping up on a platformer game, so stay tuned. 

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Wonderful game. 

Thank you so much for the decision to go from a ( for sure ) early scratchy idea - about an "horror-space-story" -, to a real and tangible horror game. 'Cause delvelopping is never easy ( in my opinion ) and it's good to remember that, by addressing all the efforts that have been done to create such a good, atmospheric and stylized game.

Keep up the good work.

I really appreaciated this.

Thank you very much, and we're glad that you've enjoyed it. Our inspiration for this game came from the Soviet space program, and SpaceX as they were testing their SN1-5 starship prototypes.


SKIP TO 20:40!!!

What a wonderful game to play , loved it. :)

Thanks for trying out our game :)

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I loved this game. The art style is really cool and the way the monster showed up behind me really got me!

I also play games like scp if you wanna check this out.


thanks for playing our game. SCP has been one of our inspirations, and we're looking into other more obscure and simplistic scps that are like 087 and 432 and seeing what we can add to make it more engaging and unique.

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I've played maybe 20 minutes before chickening out but the visuals and the aesthetic and the sound design are so damn good ive thought about those twenty minutes every day since.cant wait to get back

Thanks for your kind words man. That game was a collaboration with my other friend during lock down, but in my free time, i'm making another solo project inspired by an arg called thesunvanished, and thinking of games that are open ended, yet have a lot of potential for exploration and lore building that can increase replayability. 

Hello! I played the game and I really enjoy the overall look and art style of the game. I made a gameplay video of this game: 


Thanks for playing our game. We'll definitely be checking it out!

I would've liked some puzzles, as it is now it's a little on the easy side. The graphics are really cool and the ambience and sounds do provide a lot of atmosphere.

Thanks for trying out our game. We looked up short "micro-horror" games like the original siren head and insomnio as inspiration, as this is still our first game and we're new to this. For the collaboration work, it will be a top down puzzle game. I'm also trying out some basic puzzles, basic combat and survival mechanics for my next game, which is another short first person horror game ( so that one's more of a solo dev thing on the side)

Yeah, I saw later that it was your first game, so based on that, it's a good little paranoid game. Definitely going to keep an eye out for your next game!

Love the feel of this game. Going to play again since I fell through a collider-less wall. It was a puffy looking dead end accessible early on. Not sure how to describe it better. Related, I'd suggest programming the escape key to quit. I had to force close the game since it wont leave full screen and I could not find menu access.

Thank you for sharing this. I'm going to get back to it!

Killer shader or however you get that pixelization effect, *spoilers* The part when you get out of the tunnel and see space is amazing, needs some more fear inducing elements though

LOVED it. Unlike a lot of the comments I've seen, I actually think the lack of music added wonderfully to the lonely and claustrophobic feeling of being ... well ... the LAST cosmonaut.

Thanks for your kind comment! We were kinda reviewing as to whether we made the right call with leaving the audio out and playing with lights alone for this one. 

For what it's worth, I think it helped. It really forced me to focus on every sound and, like I said, really enforced that "alone in space" feel.

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Cool concept, nice atmosphere. Tho corridors can be a bit frustrating as there are a lot of invisible walls.


Liked the way monster showed up, the shadow actually scared me :D


Yeah one of the few downsides to using prefabs and 1 bit pixel art is that some of the corridors can be a bit samey if you don't add enough variation. At any rate, I'm glad you enjoyed the encounter at the end!

Very nice. Love the style. I liked how the base really made me feel kind of lost but I still ended up where I needed to go. I went back in after finishing it thinking I missed a bunch but had already been everywhere.


I'm glad you enjoyed it. We were thinking of adding some lore and backstory but were limited by time constraints. However, there are still a few bits of information in the notes that reference real life events if you can spot them.

So good game, but dont have russian localization...

We do not have Russian localization, which I apologize for as this game is called "the last cosmonaut" after all. In the future, we'll try to hire translators.

Ok, thanks! 

Had A Good time playing, I found the atomsphere to be very chilling I was pretty scared to walk forward at times terrified that something was gonna pop out. The tunnel scene was really creative and a great use of the lighting.

some cons were that although the atmosphere was tense I never really got to see to see the creature until the end. would have loved more visual scares or quick glimpses of the creature. and it could definitely use some soft atmospheric background music felt really quite at times.

overal for a first game I think you have done a wonderful job and look forward to more of your work

We were limited by time constraints this time round, and barely managed to add enemy NPCs. In the future, we'll definitely take what we've learnt here and craft more enemy encounters via lights and ambient audio. Thanks for playing our game!

It's interesting and has a bit of an errie feel to it.

Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here pls:


1. I love the ambiance! It reminded me of Alien Isolation, actually. It would be cool if the monster would appear more frequently (as an actual enemy or as a jumpscare).

2. The game has successfully managed to build a sense of tension. I was waiting for something the whole game. Nice design of sound effects at the station!


1. It would be awesome to add some more background music. You can add something very imperceptible like Amnesia did. More music would be nice because it felt like walking around in a complete silence which was a bit weird. Also, it would be awesome to make the enemy sound really scary while following you!

2. Huge notes are weird. I mean, I get it, they attract attention, but still if they would have a little glow or something, it would be less strange. People know that they are playing a game so glow mechanic or something like that is expected. But when you try to make it more natural and add an enormous papers on walls - that feels off.


I liked the game! Still, it felt a bit raw sometimes. There were moments when I really liked the sound design and then moments when it felt that sounds were missing. I think the game can be polished a bit more. It's 4/5 for me but the game has lots of potential to become a 5 star experience.

Hope my feedback was useful!


Thanks you very much for your feedback, really appreciate the detailed write up. We could add a mechanic that draws a white outline on the notes whenever you're pointed at it next time, and add more audio feedback in future games.

That would be awesome! Can't wait for your future projects)

fun little game, enjoyed the concept and the atmosphere was pretty cool.

Thanks :) we really appreciate it. More to come.

Hello HumanRobot, and thank you for this amazing game! Between the ambiance, the shading and the fear-inducing design of the mining station, everything was perfectly in tune for a scary experience! I loved it! Congrats guys!


Thank you very much for playing our game. This is our first project, and we're finalizing assets for other upcoming experiences, so be sure to tune in for more.

You can be sure of that!

hi, big, big thx for the great game. i love it und give 5/5 stars. greetings from rosti ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™

Ey Greetings from Singapore and big thanks for playing our game! We're glad you've enjoyed it. We're building up our next few games so stay tuned for more. :) 

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Really enjoyed the graphics. Reminded me of my old Spectrum 48k. Needed a soundtrack though. Great game though thank you.

Wow that's a high compliment, tho definitely before my time. I think the closest I got to console games was a Sega Genesis.

okay i got it this is a pretty good game , i really dont know how he accomplished it , i have used unity but , i dont have an idea how the developer could have achieved this , i dont like playing big games like pubg and fortnight but this is really cool and i recommend this

how can i save my progress in the game

Unfortunately, we do not have a save function in this game. We will be incorporating it on longer games, but we left it out here as it was 10 minutes on average.

hey , hey , hey , i didn't think ud reply , so , i did complete the game and i was totally hooked , i like things related to pace , and i would like to suggest you to make a 2d  space simulator , like a 2d version of ksp , and you know because you don't have to incorporate thos silly vector 3 science , you can actually do alot more in 2d space and create awesome game , i would like to hear from you that you are creating a great space simulator , or else just tell me your opinion on my idea , can we talk on some social media 

We're currently doing 3 other games, each with their own styles, and were thinking of wrapping those up & releasing those bundles for free first , but if the support for this game is big enough, we might continue this concept, and update the graphics and color palette to match the ZX Spectrum. As for 2d/3d , I'm personally more into first person cause it's more immersive to me, though I can picture a 2d game in the same vein as Faith , mixed in with Aliens: Neoplasma .  

no problem , after experiencing your skills , i can say you will kill the compertition

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