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- Online Co-op multiplayer functionality
- Dynamic AI behavior
- A retro 1-bit art aesthetic in 3d
- Simple yet, engaging gameplay

A Co-op multiplayer survival horror game where you team up with other cosmonauts to collect documents that are scattered throughout the numerous facilities. Coordinate, evaluate, and evade enemies that roam the hallways. 

It is the height of the cold war, and you're sent into an abandoned lunar base in Shackleton Crater to acquire some sensitive documents. However, you aren't alone. Play with 3 other players in a game of cat and mouse to accomplish your task.

To create the online room to play with friends, go to > Online Play > type in player name> set player region> create match> check/ uncheck private. 
If you set it to private, go to  > Online Play > Join room.

Demo Version
The demo version of this game is available and only contains the first level. This mode will also not contain any online features. You may download it HERE

Dev Notes
This is a two-month project done by me and my friend and is a multiplayer overhaul based on our previous game "The last cosmonaut" (2020). Graphics are updated and there's now an option to turn off VHS filters, post-processing, and torchlight sway.

Become A Human Robot!


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Cosmonaught v1.0.0.zip 44 MB
Cosmonaught Demo.zip 44 MB
Cosmonaught v1.0.1.zip 47 MB
Cosmonaught v1.1.0.zip 47 MB

Development log


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Just played your game with a friend of mine, and we had a lot of fun just on a single map.
I hope for discord server and updates for this game, so maybe a fan base could gather.
Thanks for a great game!

Ohhh, also, if you're planning to respond in someway, I'd like to ask if there are plans maybe for a steam release?

Hey first of all. Thank you very much for trying out our game! We did have a discord server for HumanRobotGames. It used to be private but I can bring it public https://discord.gg/4TG3mMGdDK.   (there's a whole bunch of art assets, and mostly technical discussions)

As for the steam release, we will look into it. The main thing keeping us tied up is the actual production and photon integration. On top of our day job and freelance stuff. If we get off the ground here, I wouldn't mind paying a fee to get it on Steam.