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fun little game, enjoyed the concept and the atmosphere was pretty cool.

Thanks :) we really appreciate it. More to come.

Hello HumanRobot, and thank you for this amazing game! Between the ambiance, the shading and the fear-inducing design of the mining station, everything was perfectly in tune for a scary experience! I loved it! Congrats guys!


Thank you very much for playing our game. This is our first project, and we're finalizing assets for other upcoming experiences, so be sure to tune in for more.

You can be sure of that!

hi, big, big thx for the great game. i love it und give 5/5 stars. greetings from rosti 😀👍👍👍🙏

Ey Greetings from Singapore and big thanks for playing our game! We're glad you've enjoyed it. We're building up our next few games so stay tuned for more. :) 

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Really enjoyed the graphics. Reminded me of my old Spectrum 48k. Needed a soundtrack though. Great game though thank you.

Wow that's a high compliment, tho definitely before my time. I think the closest I got to console games was a Sega Genesis.

okay i got it this is a pretty good game , i really dont know how he accomplished it , i have used unity but , i dont have an idea how the developer could have achieved this , i dont like playing big games like pubg and fortnight but this is really cool and i recommend this

how can i save my progress in the game

Unfortunately, we do not have a save function in this game. We will be incorporating it on longer games, but we left it out here as it was 10 minutes on average.

hey , hey , hey , i didn't think ud reply , so , i did complete the game and i was totally hooked , i like things related to pace , and i would like to suggest you to make a 2d  space simulator , like a 2d version of ksp , and you know because you don't have to incorporate thos silly vector 3 science , you can actually do alot more in 2d space and create awesome game , i would like to hear from you that you are creating a great space simulator , or else just tell me your opinion on my idea , can we talk on some social media 

We're currently doing 3 other games, each with their own styles, and were thinking of wrapping those up & releasing those bundles for free first , but if the support for this game is big enough, we might continue this concept, and update the graphics and color palette to match the ZX Spectrum. As for 2d/3d , I'm personally more into first person cause it's more immersive to me, though I can picture a 2d game in the same vein as Faith , mixed in with Aliens: Neoplasma .  

no problem , after experiencing your skills , i can say you will kill the compertition

Such a great game. I love horror games that have their main element of horror as suspense because this game defintely had a lot of suspense when you are looking for the power core boxes.

Pour les Francophones !

Incredible game, the artstyle was what grabbed my interest in the first place, but everything else, the atmosphere, the sound design, just all of it, it was great. Also had probably one my worst jumpscares in a long time while playing. Cannot wait to have your next game out.

and here's a playtrough for anyone interested

(had to cut out the end bit sadly, only had my thoughts on the game)

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i managed to wander out of bounds

Yeah we've had feedback on a few missing colliders and have begun listing them for a later fix. Thanks for your feedback.

no probs man, thank u for the great game

No pude jugarlo entero, pero fue porque no podía salirme del juego y guardar el progreso¿Alguien me dice cómo hacerlo?Por cierto el juego está bastante interesante


Pretty good but I didnt really find something to be scared of

VERYYYYYY spooky atmosphere right hereeeeeee


i love it mate

check my simple game too please

cool game :) the art is awesome and the last part of story was great when u fly away :D

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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The thing you notice first is its unique art stule: black and white... except for blood. Background sounds are excellent for building tension. Were you going for cosmic horror?.... More thoughts at the end of the vid. 

Please notify me when you make your next game :) 

Hey thanks for trying out our game! We initially wanted to make  a short "monster in the basement" style horror, and were inspired by other cosmic horror games like Alien isolation and Stowaway. We will be wrapping up on our next game, which is a rage platformer , and once that's  done we got more games, each with their own art style. So if you're interested in our daily development, be sure to follow us on @humanrobotgames in Twitter.

OHHHHH. Alright that explains it. I really enjoyed my experience. Sure I'll look for your twitter :D

This art style is fantastic! Keep it up

The aesthetic of this is so cool! I kind of wish there was more in the way of ambient music but the background sounds of the space station are really good. I absolutely loved this!!

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Потрясающий сюжет. Только вот про водку и матрёшек забыли.

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Hey guys.
Nice game I've made a "lets play" video with quick review at the end.
Visit our channel if you can, I'm putting every game I play on the spot after each video, in case you wanna chat around with other devs, designers or just gamers.

Discord Channel
Keep it up

It was a small and great game

interesting little space game. I want to see more from you in the future. keep up good work.

btw if you are interested, here is my video:

It's a great horror game. Playing it for the first time gives me a lot of pressure, but the problem is obvious. I hope there will be some danger during the early search for chips. The last enemy wants more oppression. The game hopes to have more sound effects. The experience is too quiet. Although it really reflects the quiet environment in space, it is too quiet. Finally, I hope you can continue to improve. come on.


The game is so well made! I can't believe this you guys first game! I really looking forward for you next game.😀😀

Thanks :) Our next game will be in a month or two, followed by another game. If you haven't already, feel free to follow  for more indie games.

Really really like this game! Horror and space go together wonderfully! Looking forward to whats next!


Thanks. Yeah I enjoy some space horror, Alien isolation, Prey and stowaway were huge inspirations for our game.

Really cool game! It has a very nice build up of tension and isn't full of jumpscares like most other indie horror titles. Really enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing it. We were more interested in atmosphere and ambience over jumpscares for this one.

Loved this game! Very 80's scifi with great atmosphere!

Thanks :)

I included this game in my top 3 Best atmospheric games 

Nice! I played Hamilton the other day and got super inspired to make more game assets for another lofi horror game.

looking forward to see it man 

This game's really cool. A nice creepy little experience. Great job!


Thanks! More creepy stuff to come.

THE LAST COSMONAUT HAS MADE IT INTO THE 4TH GAMES OF TERROR! this was a brillant game and didn't realise i was being followed till the end well done! 

Nice game, the atmosphere is really great. Could use a few direct scares tho., no doubt about it. The atmosphere is on point and makes me really feel the isolation (alient isolation?). This really makes me want to play more and learn more about what is happening, wish it was a longer game to be honest. 

*I sense zarya 1*

Really enjoyed the atmosphere of this game and the whole art style. Definitely going to keep up with this project seeing as it is a beta at this point!

Glad you enjoyed the game. We're currently working on a platformer at the moment, so be sure to watch this space.

Yup..I hate space..but this game is awesome and the visuals are great!

Thanks man :)

This amazingly captured the feel of old space horror environments and movies! Really felt creeped out walking through the halls. I especially liked how quiet the creature was, really made me feel how horrifying a creature would be in space and how terrifying the silence of space can be! 

Love the style! Would've loved the enemy to be scarier.  Cheers, 

I really enjoyed and appreciated the atmosphere, where your in space and have to escape whatever lies in space. Creepy and scary game! I highly suggest checking it Out!

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